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Canadians To Be Vaccinated With Live H1N1 Virus with MSG For The 2010/11 Flu Season

Dave Mihalovic
Prevent Disease
September 23, 2010

The FLUMIST Trivalent vaccine product information:

Three Live Viruses:
- Influenza Virus Type A (H1N1);
- Influenza Virus Type A (H3N2); and
- Influenza Virus Type B

Route of Administration:
Intranasal Spray

Dosage Strength:
0.2 mL

Clinically Relevant Nonmedicinal Ingredients
- Gelatin hydrolysate (porcine Type A)
- sucrose
- arginine
- gentamicin

Additional Toxic Ingredients:
Monobasic potassium phosphate: Immunotoxin
Arginine hydrochloride: Toxic to lungs and mucous membranes
Monosodium glutamate: Neurotoxin, Excitotoxin
Gentamicin: Nephrotoxic


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