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According to this thread on the Freespire forum, the Freespire website and domain will expire on August 22, 2010, which at this time is a mere two weeks away. If Xandros doesn’t renew the website and domain and allows the Freespire website to go offline, then Freespire will be officially dead. Xandros cares more about kissing Microsoft’s ass and making insignificant OEM deals and killing off everything associated with Linspire, especially Freespire and CNR. The CNR Warehouse has been down for at least THREE MONTHS. Xandros, do you realize the money you could make from selling “Click N Buy” software on CNR? How are you going to make money on Linspire’s old cash cow CNR when you don’t even maintain the freakin’ site to begin with?! CNR was a golden opportunity for you to make money, and you managed to screw that up. Xandros, your management is BEYOND incompetent. Just put yourself out of your misery and either liquidate your company or sell to a rival. For all I care, you can sell your company to Microsoft. After all, you did sell your soul to Microsoft back in early 2007 when you signed the patent deal.

EDIT: It seems that yesterday on August 12, 2010, Xandros renewed the Freespire domain name. Source

In addition, the CNR website is back online.

EDIT: Since the last edit, both the Freespire website (main site and forum) and the CNR website are both down. It is now safe to say that Freespire is in fact dead.

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  1. [...] to this thread, Xandros has only days left to renew the Freespire domain name. Will it do it? One former user is convinced that Xandros will make it “officially dead” (we too let our “Boycott Xandros” and “Boycott Linspire” domains expire [...]

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