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Comment: PETA is funded by the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, the Tides Foundation, and the Park Foundation (which funds an ExxonMobil/Halliburton front named Sunshine Kids). The PETA inner circle (Ingrid Newkirk, Bruce Friedrich, etc.) will never be prosecuted by the government unless they were to one day rebel against their Rockefeller/Tides/Park overlords. But the lowly plebes who join PETA and participate in protests? Those are the ones who will be put on the terror watchlists and prosecuted as terrorists.


PETA is one of the most controversial activist groups operating today. The group’s contentious media campaigns, undercover operations, infamous advertising, and high profile demonstrations have made them perhaps the most notorious–and most polarizing–nonprofit organization there is. But are they terrorists? According to the US Department of Agriculture, they are now.

And right when PETA was about to be able to call it quits, too. The USDA has just released a new security profile form (pdf), which it distributes to animal experimentation facilities. The form reveals that PETA has been classified as a terrorist threat by the US government–potentially opening up its members to prosecution as terrorists. According to Green is the New Red, an eco-activist rights website, the document was given to all facilities that conduct experiments on animals. They were asked to disclose whether they were the target of attacks or harassment from a list of terrorist groups–one of which, evidently, is PETA.

Here’s an excerpt from the form:

B. Terrorist Threat. What terrorist activities have occurred in or around your building/facility in the past 5 years (documented cases)? Please check all that apply.

[ ] Attack from international terrorists
[ ] Attack from domestic special interest terrorists
-[ ] Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
-[ ] Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
-[ ] People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
-[ ] Animal Defense League (ADL)
-[ ] Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)
-[ ] Formal hate group(s) (please specify):
-[ ] Other (please specify): ____________________
[ ] Cyber Attack from a known or unknown source.

As you can see, PETA has apparently been classified as “domestic special interest terrorists”, along with the far more radical likes of the Animal Liberation Front.

This clearly reveals that the government has taken to treating PETA as a terrorist group. Now, I’ve had my many beefs with PETA (hello, pun) before, but this seems beyond the pale. PETA may be controversial, yes, but they are lawful, nonviolent and publicly funded. So how did they end up on a list of the nation’s most dangerous domestic threats?

GNR has some ideas:

Because they expose what goes on behind closed doors . . . Animal industries are quite open about their desire to use terrorism laws to keep their practices out of the public spotlight. I recently posted about the Animal Agriculture Alliance calling for federal prosecution of undercover investigators. It’s not because the investigators are violent. It is because they pose an even greater threat: educating the public.
In other words, industries that rely on factory farming (the bane of PETA, and one of their hot button issues) may have the lobbying muscle to get PETA listed as a terrorist threat for their benefit.

That may be so. Even if it’s not, the ‘terrorist’ categorization has some very troubling ramifications. For instance, according to the Sacramento Bee, four animal activists in California are currently facing terrorism charges for protesting at individual homes and creating fliers with names and addresses on them. Because they committed what amounts to trespassing, they’ve received some of the same charges leveled at groups that use bombs and carry out physical harm. While these protesting individuals’ actions may very well have been illegal, do they really constitute terrorism?

We’ll have to see what develops as more information is revealed–as it stands, listing PETA as domestic terrorists seems be more threatening to the general right for citizens to protest than anything else.

Just saw Jane Velez Mitchell (mainstream media whore) and Ingrid Newkirk (Rockefeller operative) doubleteaming a fat woman on a discussion about the recent PETA billboard which compared fat women to whales. In a nutshell, they’re still pushing the “official” story that fatty foods cause obesity. Why doesn’t Ingrid “I Look Like An Inbred Rothschild” Newkirk talk about aspartame and MSG? Because she would be attacking the very interests owned by her pathetic little group’s Rockefeller handlers.

It’s bad enough that PETA – the corporation itself and its “inner circle” – uses and exploits animals to further their agenda. But for them to team up with mainstream media whores such as Jane Velez Mitchell to demonize and ostracize fat people – as they did with their obese whipping girl – is a new low.

As long as people believe that anybody who says “9/11 was a manufactured crisis” is a deranged conspiracy theorist, they will continue to believe that anybody who says “the obesity epidemic is a manufactured crisis” is a deranged conspiracy theorist. Just face it, sheeple. Fat people are the new Jews. Just as it was fashionable in Nazi Germany to make fun of and ridicule and persecute Jews, it is now fashionable in the so-called “land of the free and home of the brave” to make fun of and ridicule and persecute fat people. The Nazis never disappeared. They went underground.

This is why there will NEVER be an honest discussion about the obesity epidemic in the mainstream media. Just drink your aspartame, eat your MSG, and shut up, slave!



PETA donates money to Earth First!, Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and other environmentalist terrorist organizations and militants, and publishes material sympathetic to or instructive in environmentalist terrorism (e.g., Animal Liberation Front: the Army of the Kind and Activism and the Law). PETA’s “vegan campaign director”, Bruce Friedrich, told the Animal Rights 2001 convention in Virginia that “It would be great if all the fast-food outlets, slaughterhouses, these laboratories and the banks who fund them exploded tomorrow.” Michael Rodman, Greenpeace’s current head of human resources, was previously HR honcho for PETA. PETA cofounder Alex Pacheco started his activist career in Watson’s Sea Shepherd organization, and is rumored to be a honcho in the Animal Liberation Front. In 1989, Pacheco declared “Arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are acceptable crimes when used for the animal cause.” Many people at PETA are emeriti of the Humane Society of the United States, and the two groups enjoy warm relations. There are similarly warm relations between PETA and the Sierra Club. PETA’s top 20 donors are all foundations, among which are the Park Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Their top donor is Animal Charities of America, which promotes “Humane training of animals as helpmates”, remarkable for its use of the biblical term used for Eve in Genesis (and used nowhere else in the Bible, and of course, not at all in modern speech). Animal Charities of America is one in a constellation of about a dozen charities associated with management umbrella Maguire/Maguire, and its finances are very opaque. The charities under Maguire/Maguire’s umbrella participate in the “Combined Federal Campaign” (CFC) administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, a program facilitating charitable giving by federal employees, and Maguire/Maguire’s charities receive roughly 20% of the proceeds. In September 2004 the office accused the charities of “a lack of responsible governance and a serious breach that could threaten public confidence in the federation, its members, and the CFC”. Well, this is all rather inside baseball, but it gives a taste of the networking and shennanigans behind the scenes.

There’s an organic hog farm owned by the Rockefellers a few miles from the Indian Point nuclear power plant on the Hudson river North of Manhattan, but PeTA won’t protest there because one of PeTA’s top 20 benefactors are the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors… PeTA is fine protesting fur and meat eaters, as long as it doesn’t bite the carnivorous hand that feeds them!

Animal Rights is once again, taking way too much attention away from much more important and pressing environmental problems.

I’ve always wondered if the the CIA was in fact funding PeTA to distract the general public and undermine the credibility of environmentalists.

Then I discovered last year that indeed, PeTa gets money from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, which has worked with the CIA in the past to fund dissenting artists behind the Iron Curtain to destablize communism.

RPA also gives money to Exelon, the nuclear power company which was responsible for 35% of Obama’s orginal campaign seed money.

Maybe that’s why PeTA would never protest the slaugter of hogs at the Rockefeller Stone Barns Center in Tarrytown, New York, or protest the millions of fish the Indian Point nuclear power plant kills every year in its cooling system!

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors $34,100.00 1997 – 2005

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