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TheExposingthelies (5 days ago) Spam
something very strange is going on here… EVERYONE that has been harassing me from PETA HSUS ASPCA and these people using these bogus account lkes CDLver , their messages and comments have been erased fom my PRIVATE EMALS…..


I’ve been exposing the PETA as a COINTELPRO operation for the last several years. Personally, I think people – vegans such as Ratiocinator included – are waking up to the fact that PETA is a Rockefeller-controlled COINTELPRO operation that is not what it claims to be and actually works for the interests it claims to be against. I’ve also been theorizing that most of the “radical” PETA shills you see on the internet are COINTELPRO agent provocateurs paid to lure anti-PETA people into making violent threats in order to discredit anti-PETA people as dangerous extremists and to justify the expanding police state. And now that they’ve been caught and exposed as provocateurs, they’ve enlisted Google the CIA front company to erase all evidence of their provocateuring.

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  1. [...] my previous article (see “CIA front company Google erases emails and comments made to YouTube user TheExposingthelies made by …“), I mentioned that YouTube user TheExposingthelies noticed that private emails from PETA [...]

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