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Daily Archives: January 9th, 2011

Back in October, I predicted that the COINTELPRO website Nanny State Liberation Front would be used to fuel a false-flag terrorist attack against nanny state activists. As many of you know, there was a shooting spree at a Safeway in Arizona where people – including a federal judge – were killed. Now word comes about of a “Safeway Amendment” to ObamaCare which allows Safeway to force all of its employees to undergo screening for everything from blood pressure to cholesterol to weight and to impose higher insurance premiums on employees who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Who have been harping for years that high cholesterol and obesity lead to heart disease? The nanny state.

Judge John M. Roll and Gabrille Giffords were not the intended targets of the disturbed shooter. The target was Safeway due to its new nanny state policy concerning healthcare “reform”.

It is clear that the shooter took the Nanny State Liberation Front’s “raised fist = anarchy” logo seriously and used that as his excuse to violently lash out against the nanny state. This was a false-flag terrorist attack against the nanny state. The shooter was influenced by a COINTELPRO website, a fake Monsanto-shilling “anti-nanny state” website set up by the Military-Industrial Complex to incite violence which would be used as an excuse to go after TRUE anti-nanny staters who have ZERO corporate backing.

MARK MY WORDS. The corporate media will attempt to link the shooter to other fake “anti-nanny state” groups such as the Center for Consumer Freedom (a Monsanto front), the American Council on Science and Health (a Monsanto front), and (a Monsanto front). After that, neoliberal propagandists such as Daily Kos and Huffington Post will use those connections to launch a propaganda assault on TRUE anti-nanny staters such as Alex Jones, Kevin Trudeau, and me.

I told you back in October that I have never condoned and never WILL condone any physical confrontations with nanny state activists such as CSPI (or any CSPI member such as Michael Jacobson) or MeMe Roth. I stand by that statement now, and I will continue to stand by that statement. Any person who launches a physical confrontation against Jacobson or Roth is NOT a true anti-nanny stater – they are a government agent or a MKULTRA subject programmed to carry out such an attack.


FBI now watching this blog – government planning on false-flag attack on nanny state shills?

WARNING: COINTELPRO to use “anti-nanny state” blog to associate “anti-nanny staters” with “domestic terrorism”!


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