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Guess what I found while doing a Google search on CSPI? A blog called the Nanny State Liberation Front. Now I’m against the nanny state, but unlike the Nanny State Liberation Front, you will never see me shill for the phony “personal responsibility” food industry shills at the Center for Consumer Freedom.

This post by the NSLF was about the anger CSPI stirred up – sort of makes CSPI seem like an agent provocateur, eh? – when they called for McDonald’s Happy Meal toys to be banned, never mind the fact that one of the steering committee members of CSPI’s NANA Coalition is a McDonald’s front group. That’s something that the Nanny State Liberation Front won’t talk about because it doesn’t suit their agenda.

The Nanny State Liberation Front won’t talk about how CSPI and the Center for Consumer Freedom are Rockefeller/Monsanto puppet organizations pretending to be against each other while shilling for GMO foods. You won’t hear the Nanny State Liberation Front expose how CSPI and the Center for Consumer Freedom are funded by CFR members.

What you WILL find on the Nanny State Liberation Front is an effort to link patriots and TRUE anti-nanny staters with Big Food shills as well as right wingers. Among the sites listed in its Blogroll are:

  • Above Top Secret
  • American Council on Science and Health (industry front which says BPA and HFCS are good for you)
  • Center for Consumer Freedom (the most prominent industry front group…funded by several corporate members of the CFR)
  • David Icke
  • Free Republic
  • Godlike Productions
  • Infowars
  • Junk Science (run by Steven Milloy, a Monsanto lobbyist)
  • Prison Planet
  • Republic Broadcasting Network
  • Rogue Government

At this time the COINTELPRO blog makes no effort to add my blog – or my sister blog devoted to the manufactured obesity epidemic, the Obesity Reichstag Chronicles – to the Blogroll. Perhaps my blog is persona non grata because I expose how the fake “food police” and the fake “personal responsibility” crowd are both funded by the same criminal elite banksters who created the obesity epidemic with aspartame and MSG. Of course that doesn’t mean that the COINTELPRO twits at the Nanny State Liberation Front will – in the future – add this blog and my sister blog to its Blogroll in an attempt to link my blog to the Center for Corporate Fascism. And if some mental midget-slash-MKULTRA patsy decides to use the Nanny State Liberation Front as an excuse to carry out some kind of attack on “food cops” such as Michael Jacobson and/or MeMe Roth, the federal government could use that as a pretext to add “anti-nanny staters” to the growing list of potential “domestic extremists”/”domestic terrorists.” Just let it be know that I will NEVER advocate any physical attacks on people such as Michael Jacobson or MeMe Roth or any acts of terrorism against them or their organizations. What I WILL advocate is the federal prosecution of Jacobson, Roth, CSPI, and the Rockefeller Foundation for their roles in creating the obesity epidemic.

Just remember the golden rule: If a so-called anti-nanny stater exposes the shenanigans of groups such as CSPI while giving groups such as CCF and ACSH a free pass, then they are not true anti-nanny staters. Instead, they are part of a calculated effort to equate TRUE anti-nanny staters with industry front groups and industry shills. This must be why misguided PETA worshippers routinely smear me as a CCF shill.

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