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On August 3, I plugged Alex Jones’ “Food The Ultimate Secret Exposed” video on one of MeMe Roth’s videos in two comments. Needless to say, the food industry apologist did not approve my comments. By censoring my comments, MeMe Roth proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is an apologist for the aspartame/MSG industry.

The comments are as follows:

Comment #1:

@z777z Watch the video “Food The Ultimate Secret Exposed”. It’s the food companies causing obesity, not parents. Short of going all-organic and eating raw foods, how can one escape the soft-kill toxins that the food industry puts in the food by design? How can one escape the aspartame and MSG and HFCS when it’s in everything? Picture two planes labeled Aspartame and MSG crashing into the twin towers on 9/11. THAT is obesity. Obesity is a result of the food companies false-flag poisoning our food

Comment #2:

Oh and MeMe, if you censor my comment about aspartame and MSG, then you prove to everybody that you are an apologist for the aspartame/MSG industry. But I already know that you are because you belong to CSPI’s NANA coalition which is partly-steered by the American Diatetic Association….which is funded by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. A nutritional advocacy coalition which has a steering committee member funded by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola…how Orwellian.

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