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Daily Archives: April 28th, 2010

Waxman Slips Obscure Anti-Supplement Measure into Wall St. “Reform” Bill Passed by the House–

Notice how they use variations of “global” – globalization, global obesity crisis, “Director Global Health, Rockefeller Foundation”, global trade, “global epidemics of obesity and diabetes”, “a global response to a global problem” – to sell the sheeple on a global government to “solve” the obesity “epidemic”, which is really a manufactured crisis created by the Rockefeller Foundation and its many front groups.

Also notice how they claim that “developing” countries are at risk of obesity. So now they can use their manufactured obesity crisis as another excuse to invade the third world and assimilate it into the NWO. But guess what……once the third world gets assimilated, their obesity crises will get worse.


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