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Nation’s Food Policy Pro-Pus, Pro-E. Coli, Pro-Bribery, Pro-GMOs

by Natasha Chart
July 10, 2009



So Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former lawyer and a fan of adding extra pus to the nation’s milk supply by way of giving all our dairy cows chronic mastitis from rBST/rBGH, has indeed been hired to the newly created position of Deputy Commissioner of Food with the Food Safety Working Group at the FDA.

In theory, Taylor might not be as bad as all that, he shilled for rBST as a young, impressionable executive and he seems to have grown as a person.

Though adding insult to injury, Pennsylvania’s Dennis Wolff is a finalist for Undersecretary of Food Safety. A willing and enthusiastic participant in Monsanto’s campaign to prevent rBST-free labeling on milk, Wolff tried to sneak a 2008 ban on the labels under the noses of Pennsylvania citizens who were outraged and forced the governor to overturn the policy.

But really, two, TWO people appointed or being considered to head food safety in the Obama administration who opposed the public’s right to know when their milk came from cows being treated with a hormone that gives them chronically inflamed and infected udders!?

(BTW, people would have heard about the bovine growth hormone controversy more widely as of the year 2000, perhaps, if Monsanto hadn’t instigated the firing of two journalists who tried to expose rBST/rBGH for the carcinogenic, bovine mastitis-causing health disaster that it is. Though also, and this is funny, ha-ha, as part of the resolution of the ensuing litigation, a judge ruled that it wasn’t illegal for a news station to lie. F*ers!)

So, I think we can safely say that there are those in our national food safety leadership who don’t consider pus a worrying contaminant in the milk supply. Even if they don’t hire Wolff, that this didn’t immediately disqualify him, that they’d consider adding to the shame of hiring Taylor, is a mark of some serious concern.

Pro-E. coli

As reported, again at ObamaFoodorama, this is another of goals of the Obama administration’s food policy:

*Reducing the Threat of E. coli O157:H7: The bacterial strain called E. coli O157:H7 causes diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever in approximately 70,000 Americans each year. In an estimated one in 15 patients, complications arise potentially resulting in intense pain, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and even death. In recent years, this bacterium has caused outbreaks associated with meat and spinach. …

It goes on like that, very lofty sounding goals framed in descriptions of problems that those interested in food policy are generally familiar with. Here’s what they propose to address the E. coli problem: more inspections of slaughter facilities. Here’s what would work: stop feeding cows grain and give them hay, or at the very least, feed them hay the few days before slaughter.

Cows’ stomachs are supposed to have a near neutral pH of 6.5-7.2, whereas the healthy human gut has an acidic pH that hovers around 2-3. (More about the pH scale.)

The bacteria found in the guts of health cows eating a normal cow diet of high fiber, low starch grass and hay is generally no match for the acidic environment of a human stomach. Our stomach secretions aren’t only there to digest our food, but to be the first line of our immune defense.

It’s because we have feedlots full of cows suffering permanent acidosis and standing in each other’s poop their whole lives that we continue having outbreaks of a bacterial strain that shouldn’t stand a chance against our stomach acid.

Does the federal government currently have a plan to reduce the concentration of animals into cruel and revolting factory feedlot farms? No. That would injure Cargill’s right to profit,* and it’s just not profitable to And in further fact, they’re going to continue subsidizing their waste management costs through the existing provisions of the Farm Bill.


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